Saturday, September 29, 2007

Top Chef: Malarks Disses Hung

So in NY Mag's Grub Street they have an interview where Malarkey talks about his exit. I find it extremely irritating that he thinks Hung sucks for not helping CJ finish his cooking during the airplane competition.

Malarkey says:

He’s got a really young, immature soul. He’s not focused on the right things in life. There’s no point in being an asshole, and that’s how he comes off. When he was watching CJ die cooking at the airport, I was like, “Hung, help CJ,” and he just sat there and washed his knife, and I was like, “Oh, you little asshole.” I think he’s an angry little man.

Am I heartless for thinking this is a competition, not summer camp? I mean, there shouldn't be any cheating or backstabbing, no sir, but isn't part of the competition plating and cooking your food within the time limit?


Me said...

OMG - Finally, somebody who said it out (you Jane, bad Malarkey)!
I am so tired of people hating on the Hung for finishing ahead of time and not helping others. It's not vacation bible school, dumb asses!

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

Yes, but Hung actually complained at the Judge's Table when he asked for help and didn't get it. Just gotta say that Hung doesn't live in a world where anything is expected of him and he expects a lot from the world.

Anonymous said...

I don't think so. Hung is a pompous ass and I'm glad people called him out on it. He saw everyone purely as competition but didn't ever stop to think that it shows how terrible it is for a chef to have no desire to help out the people around him. I agree with Jennifer-- it was funny that he complained when they did the same to him.

I just do not like him. He seems like an awful person.

Jane said...

Interesting! I have such a different take on Hung. I think he's just socially clueless (he seems like such a nerd) but essentially harmless. If you do think about the team challenges, I think he seemed pretty good to work with?

Honey Bunny said...

i agree 100% with everything that jennifer from pittsburgh said. it's hung's lack of professionalism that pisses me off. and yes, he expects so much from everyone, but couldn't be assed to help someone in need. and for that, i think he totally sucks.