Saturday, September 15, 2007

Le Bucks

I read an interesting article today. It's about a man who lost his job as an advertising executive, was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and found both contentment and health insurance working at Starbucks.

I realize that it is so uncool to be okay with Starbucks, but I am. Yes, their drip coffee is horrible. No, I do not need a coca-frappa-whappacino. And, yes, it's a little silly to say tall, grande and venti. But it always annoys me when a customer (on that note, it annoys me that they call them 'guests' but whatever) insists on saying small medium or large to the poor guy behind the counter, who in fact did not make up the naming system and would also like to say small medium or large. Anyway, I think I just like that they give everyone, even part-time workers, health insurance!

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