Thursday, September 27, 2007

gym follies: yawn etiquette?

I was at the gym today by my work, on the elliptical before going to my usual Thursday night yoga class, when this guy walked over to me.

"Excuse me." He said. "But I noticed you're yawning. I noticed from all the way across the room."

I was unsure how to respond to this. Was he trying to pick me up? I don't think so. Was he saying I wasn't working out hard enough? I'd just started! I'm still baffled.

Then, he added "it's contagious you know." So I guess he was annoyed?

Ultimately I convinced myself that I yawn when I exercise (I do it lately during yoga and spinning too!) because I have a horrible heart defect and oxygen isn't going to my heart, and I'm going to drop dead.


1 comment:

Trevor said...

h4's trying to pick you up! what the hell do you say to a girl in a gym tthat isn't disgusting, like "wow y9our gluteal muscles are really rippling right now, i wanna be your personal trainer baby" inspriation commes from the DUMBESt of sources, like "OH WOW SHE"S A YAWNIN< I CAN SAY SHE"S YAWNIN!"