Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Videogum Debut

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Dear Eric

I came home this morning to enjoy a full pot of coffee (sorry, I'm addicted) and a glance through the NY Times Food section. Eric Ripert, frequent Top Chef guest judge and also (primarily!) chef at La Bernedin, was given the challenge of cooking with ingredients from a 99 cent store. If only the NY Times had this on video! At least there is a slide show.

I'm going to the opera with Travis tonight, so I'll miss Top Chef. Here's hoping I can find it somewhere by Friday.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Frequently I start and stop on this little thing I'd like to call a book: a collection of essays from the mortifying moments that spatter my life, among them temping, working at a law firm, ordering a Reese's Penis sundae in front of my parents, etc.

And yet, here I am home sick from work, and what have I done today? Watched about 4 hours of Randy Jackson's Dance Crews, or whatever it's called. In my defense, it's an amazing show. That's about it.

So then I was reading gawker -- which I kind of hate but read anyway -- and they had a post on Sloane Crosley, who has written a selection of essays. I am jealous. I guess I should really get back to work! On...organizing my sock drawer.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Top Chef

So, I'm definitely going to cover Top Chef this season, for the Huff. However, I'm doing it on Fridays. I found it kind of impossible to write them between 11 at night on Wednesday and 7:30 the next morning, when I leave for work. I'd usually attempt it and then have 11 or so mortifying typos, which were noticed. I know this because I was reading the Television Without Pity forums once, and someone posted me blog (not me! honest!) and another person wrote that my post was both "Pretentious and riddled with grammatical and spelling errors." Pretentious I disagree with, but I'm guilty as charged with the errors. Blech.

I also couldn't bear to even finish recapping Project Runway. Lame, I know. Travis and I went skiing and didn't have a TV/Computer, so I missed an ep, and then when I came back I just wasn't really interested. So obvious Christian was going to win and I had no emotional attachment to a single designer. Although I did tear up when Christian won. However, I tear up during cotton commercials, so that means nothing except that I'm an emote-stitute.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I beat the bubonic

Well, I'm not dead. I'm not sure if I got food poisoning or the flu from hell (although I did have a flu shot) but I spent all saturday night/sunday with horrible vomiting and eventually a 102.5 fever. I actually thought I was dieing. Luckily Travis came over with crackers/gatorade/gingerale and spent all night and the next day and night with me. This is actually the second time he's taken care of me when I've had a stomach virus. I certainly owe him.

Anyway we tried to watch the first episodes of The Wire, which Edith gave to me, but I was too delerious. Eventually I dragged myself out of bed, after my fever broke, and I caught up on some BET Now and some MTV2 sucker-free countdown. My favorite new song/video? Absolutely Webbie and Lil Boosie's Independent.

And now I'm home today, lazing around, watching TV and reading Jezebel. Excitement!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Come Spring...

There will be Top Chef Chicago! I might just miss Miami, and I wish they'd do New York...but I really can't wait for the new season.

In other news, Happy 2008. Do I have any resolutions? I would say to get more sleep, pack my lunches more often and update this blog. Oh, and write a book.