Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Dear Eric

I came home this morning to enjoy a full pot of coffee (sorry, I'm addicted) and a glance through the NY Times Food section. Eric Ripert, frequent Top Chef guest judge and also (primarily!) chef at La Bernedin, was given the challenge of cooking with ingredients from a 99 cent store. If only the NY Times had this on video! At least there is a slide show.

I'm going to the opera with Travis tonight, so I'll miss Top Chef. Here's hoping I can find it somewhere by Friday.


tps12 said...

I love how he didn't even try to do anything with the pigs in blankets...just heats them up and is like "gross."

lipstickandoi said...

just wanted to hi, because we share the same surname. Never met anyone outside my family with the name.